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Many times the focus of care for elderly is on physical needs because that is the most obvious. You can see when a person cannot walk or needs help with personal care. What is often disregarded is the emotional and social support. Losing your independence is a very traumatic experience and can have a profound effect on the quality of life a person leads. It could be something as simple as doing a crossword puzzle, playing checkers, or having a conversation about current events. The type of activity does not matter as long as it engages the mind. The best way to provide the emotional and social support is to have a companion. This could be a friend, family member or caregiver that can go and spend time with the person. If you need help finding the right caregiver contact our Client Services Department(link). They can help you find the right person and determine what type of help you may need or qualify for.

What Our Patients Say

The staff of Spoon River Home Health always goes above and beyond during each of their visits in my home. They have quickly become not only caregivers, but a part of our family.

J. Smith August 3, 2015

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