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Feel Free to Click on the Links Below to Read the Answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions. You can call us at 309.247.0723 or email with any specific questions you might have.

 General Questions

Non Medical Care

 How Do I Get Home Health Care?

If you feel you could benefit from Home Care for you or a loved one, it is best to give us a call so that we can get the referral process started at 309-245-0723.

The first step is to ensure you qualify for Skilled Home Care. To qualify, you have to have a medical need for nursing or physical therapy care. For example:

You do not need to have had a hospital stay to qualify for Home Health Care.
Once you have determined that you do have a skilled need, you can ask your MD for a physicians order to start Home Care. If you are not in the hospital or at an MD appointment, our nurses are able to call and speak with your doctor to obtain an order. However, it is necessary for you to see your MD and we can assist you with setting up this visit.

Once an order is received for a home health evaluation, a Registered Nurse will set up an appointment with you in your home to do an assessment and develop a plan of care for the best course of treatment to assist you in living safely and independently in your home.

Home Health Care

What is the difference between Home Care (Skilled Care) and Non Medical Care (Home Service) ?

Home Care is also sometimes referred to as Skilled Care. That is the care that is provided by a R.N., L.P.N. or by therapy, Physical, Occupational and Speech.  This care is usually more acute care, such as right after a surgery, fall, or illness.  This care is what is typically paid for by Medicare and Insurance.


Non Medical Care is more of a long term care. It can still be provided by a nurse, but most often by Home Health Aides and Home Service workers. A nurse may do this care to set up medications weekly for someone that is unable to, or to perform a venipuncture if someone can not get out to a lab or doctors office. These visits are not typically paid for by insurance or Medicare when that is the only service needed.

Non medical Care is also referred to as private duty care. It is care that is usually provided for 4-24 hours a day, when a person needs help with Activities of Daily Living to remain safely in their own home.


Who pays for Home Health Care?

How long will I get Home Health Care?

When the Registered Nurse comes to your home for your initial visit, she performs a total body assessment. She then, also meets with you, the patient, your family members, reviews your medical records, confers with therapy if that service is ordered as well, and then speaks with your MD to develop a personalized plan of care to meet your goals.  This could be as little as two visits or you could remain on services for an entire certification period, 60 days. There are even occasions, such as for wound care, that you may need more than 60 days of care, and after conferring with your MD, you may need recertified for another certification period.  How often a nurse comes is based on your needs. The nurse will usually come more often at first, and then as you get better, visits will be less frequent. The nurses and therapists do a lot of teaching to you and your family, and as you or your family are able to safely provide care, the nurse will make less frequent visits.

What if I need the nurse before she is supposed to come, or I can’t remember what she taught me?

Our nurses are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you have a question, or a concern, we are just a phone call away. By dialing 309-245-0723, at any time, you will be able to speak to a nurse for any questions. The on call nurse will also make after hours or weekend visits if necessary to assist with any problems that might occur after hours.

I can’t take any more time off of work to bring my dad home, it is going to have to be Friday night at 7:00pm! What am I going to do until Monday?

Why wait for Monday? Most re-hospitalizations reoccur in the first 72 hours after discharge.  We are more than happy to schedule admission visits the same day as you are discharged. Some people just want to get home and sleep in their own beds, and that is ok too, we are happy to come and see you the very next morning!  We are happy to see you over the weekend.

Non-Medical Care

Are Caregivers background checked?

Yes, we follow the Illinois Department of Public Health guidelines to ensure that our caregivers do not have a disqualifying background check under the requirements of the Health Care Work Background Check Act.

What happens if a caregiver is ill?

This is an important benefit of using an agency. We always have a back up. In the event of an emergency a supervisor will come and staff a case as well.

What happens if I need to cancel a visit?

You can call 309-245-0723, and speak with your Client Service Specialist to make adjustments to your schedule. We do request 24 hour notice of changes to prevent a billing charge. This is waived in event of hospitalization.

Am I locked into a contract?

No, changes can be made to the services you need at any time. Allowing 24 hour notice prohibits a charge for the original contract agreement.

How do you match caregivers to clients?

Your Client Service Specialist will come meet with you at your home to develop a care plan. At this time, we go over what services you like, personal preferences, and special needs. The CSS, then comes back to the office and begins to work with the staff, and determines based on personalities, abilities and needs, who might best fit that client.

What about weekends and holidays?

We work them. There is no extra charge. We also have someone on call for you to speak to 24 hours a day 7 days a week to handle any questions that might arise after regular office hours.

I tried, what if I just do not care for a worker?

Call your Client Service Specialist! Sometimes, relationships can be salvaged with open communication and education.  Sometimes certain personalities just do not match. That is OK.  That is why we have many caregivers, we will work very hard at finding those that fit your needs best.

How many caregivers will come into my home?

The number of caregivers is determined by how many hours you need services. We comply with the state of Illinois overtime rules. Therefore, our caregivers do not typically work over 40 a week.  In some circumstances, clients in the past have been allowed to pay the overtime, thus being able to keep certain caregivers for longer hours. On a shorter case, we still will always train back up staff. We do this to allow for unforeseen absences, sickness, bad weather, etc. Having a core team is essential in ensuring consistency and quality of care. This is why we do train several caregivers on each case.

Will insurance ever cover non medical care?

Yes, some people have long term care insurance and will qualify through a licensed agency. Some policies pay a percentage for a certain number of hours per week and some pay for 24 hours a  day/7 days a week. We are happy to call and check benefits for you, although some insurances require a signed release for us to do so.

What hours are you available to staff?

We staff from 4 hours a day up to 24 hours a day, around the clock care.

Are we able to increase and decrease hours?

Yes, needs change, so of course you can change your hours. We do ask that you give plenty of notice, as our schedules are done a week in advance. We understand, this isn’t always possible, as emergencies arise. Just call your Client Service Specialist, we can increase your hours with very little notice in the event of an emergency. People get better too!  Just call your CSS. Again, we ask for time so that we can schedule your caregivers in other cases!  It is always a great feeling when you get better and really just don’t need us as much any more!

Can caregivers go to doctors appointments and be the eyes and ears for the family?

You bet.  Doctors visits can be overwhelming.  Our caregivers are more than happy to go in with a patient, with their permission of course, and take notes to report to family. We do just need a release and permission policy signed.

That is a lot of calling, and I am at work. Do you communicate any other way?

You bet. You are more than welcome to email us. You may also text your CSS as they all have cell phones. We are more than happy to talk with you after hours or weekends as well to accommodate your schedules.

We really like a special caregiver, can we request them?

Sure!  However, we must take into consideration any hours they may already be scheduled at another case, which could lead to overtime. Or a client that they have been caring for, for an extended period of time. But, we are more than happy to try to accommodate and keep those caregivers you have developed a bond with, with you.

What Our Patients Say

The staff of Spoon River Home Health always goes above and beyond during each of their visits in my home. They have quickly become not only caregivers, but a part of our family.

J. Smith August 3, 2015

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