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Becoming a Caregiver

Being a caregiver is more than a job; it is a labor of love. If you are compassionate, patient, and have a desire to help others then healthcare may be the career for you. There are many different skill levels of caregivers and all are necessary to help patients function to their fullest potential in the home. Home Service Workers provide the necessary daily activities for a person to stay in their home such as cooking, cleaning, and basic personal cares. Home Health Aides/CNAs provide the same services a home service worker but can additionally provide more skilled personal cares under the supervision of a nurse.

All Spoon River Home Health employees must have reliable transportation and be able to pass a background check. On If hired, you would be required to complete a training program in our office before you are allowed to provide any type of care for clients. This program includes personal care, dementia care, communication, recognizing abuse and what to do if you suspect it, housekeeping, HIPAA, state and federal guidelines, documentation and much more so you are well prepared to provide one on one care for our clients. You are just one click away from starting an exciting new career! Click here to browse career opportunities.

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What Our Patients Say

After another trip to the emergency room, I still didn't feel good, but it wasn't enough for them to admit me. My daughter has to go to work and I just wasn't up to being alone.  My family said to call Spoon River. I got ahold of Mary, and she assured me, they would help. She even said they could come immediately if needed. I was ok since my daughter didn't work until the next day. They came out, called my doctor, sent a nurse to help me, and even arranged someone to come stay with me during the day while my daughter was at work. Being able to speak with someone in person now a days is a true accomplishment, especially at 8:00pm at night. For that alone, I am forever grateful!

P. Stewart May 2, 2016

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