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Meet The Owners


Spoon River Home Health Owners

Spoon River Home Health is owned by Brian and Susan Platt and Frank Record. Unfortunately, Mary Lou passed away in November, 2015. Mary Lou was very proud to be a Registered Nurse for 65 years. She was a graduate of Cottage School of Nursing in Galesburg, Illinois, where she always looked forward to going back to her yearly reunions.

Frank is a current owner and continues to be very active in the business coming to the office daily to “crack the whip!”

Daily operations are ran by daughter Susan and her husband, Brian. Susan and her mother started the business, along with two other nurses in 1993.  At this time Brian was actively involved in the Agriculture industry and farming.

Five years into the business, Brian and Frank came into the business, along with Mary Lou and Susan, making it truly a family run business.

In 1993, Spoon River opened it’s door in the small community of London Mills, along the Spoon River. Thus the moto at the time, “Bridging the Gap in Healthcare” was our theme and the old London Mills Iron Bridge our logo.  It wasn’t long until the news of local nurses providing small town care spread, and quickly, our business was not just “small town” anymore.  Our clients quickly spread into the Peoria area and communities to the West.  It was for this reason, and the lack of updated phone lines, we relocated our main office to Farmington, Illinois.

Our main office remains in Farmington, with work sites in Peoria and East Peoria. SRHHS mainly serves the counties of Fulton, Knox, Peoria, McDonough and Tazewell counties, basically a sixty mile radius around Farmington.

A few years ago, it was time to update our logo. We choose the SRHH and using an arch to represent the bridge from our beginnings. We chose “Family Caring for Family” because that is truly what we are. Not only us, but countless family members have worked and still do, for Spoon River Home Health. Whether related by blood or proximity, we truly feel like a family and our patients become family to us.

Through the years, Spoon River Home Health has seen many changes in health care. SRHHS continues to grow and change to remain a vibrant part of the health care community and so that we can continue to provide the highest quality of care from our family to your family.







What Our Patients Say

The staff of Spoon River Home Health always goes above and beyond during each of their visits in my home. They have quickly become not only caregivers, but a part of our family.

J. Smith August 3, 2015

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